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Legal service kits

Starting a Business
Kit for choosing a legal form of business and its establishment
Expanding My Business
Kit for expanding the company with additional collaborating entities, such as employees, self-employed individuals, or other suppliers
Launching/Operating a Service
Kit containing essential documentation necessary for operating a digital service
Custom Product Development
Kit for developing customized products for your customers
Building a Brand
Kit for basic protection of product or company brand

Legal as a service

Are you looking for long-term ongoing cooperation? We offer efficient day-to-day support to clients for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Discounted flat rate
  • Allocated capacity
  • Priority processing
As part of the service, we will be available to you in the areas of contracts, GDPR protection, intellectual property protection, and more.

With each prepaid hour, you save costs thanks to a discounted hourly rate.

Subscribe for 10 hours.
You will save 5000 CZK per month.
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Our team

Martin Loučka - foto

Mgr. Martin Loučka

E-mail: loucka@martins.law
Tel.: +420 722 965 737
Martin Bartoň - foto

Mgr. Martin Bartoň

E-mail: barton@martins.law
Tel.: +420 774 123 354

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Our References

Logo - Rossum Czech Republic s.r.o., Ondřej Krtička
We collaborate with martins' primarily on software law, open source compliance, and artificial intelligence. Their advice is concise and accurate, and it is evident that they understand the technology not only legally but also factually. This is pleasant because as a technology company, we have quite complex legal issues, and their solutions are based on the consultant's understanding of our product and business. martins' meet this requirement.
Rossum Czech Republic s.r.o., Ondřej Krtička
Logo - W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s., Lukáš Herma
We use martins' services in situations when we need to address GDPR, trademarks, licensing policies, or software acquisition, including support during negotiations. We particularly appreciate their flexible response time and personal approach, which, combined with their factual knowledge of technologies and understanding of our internal processes, leads to truly effective cooperation.
W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s., Lukáš Herma
Logo - TIRECHECK s.r.o., Michal Palaš
We have been collaborating with martins' for nearly 3 years, and we are very satisfied with their services. As a company, we deliver new technologies for international firms and require quality legal advice in the IT field. We found all of that with martins'.
TIRECHECK s.r.o., Michal Palaš
Logo - Artiffine, s.r.o., Jan Zibner
We regularly collaborate with martins' on consultations regarding intricate legal questions, and the collaboration is always excellent - perfect and informal communication, great erudition, and a flexible approach to addressing questions and requirements. From general problems to specific edge cases, with martins', we always find a solution. We particularly appreciate their creativity and originality in approaching every complexity related to the law.
Artiffine, s.r.o., Jan Zibner
Logo - EXAPRO s.r.o., Thomas Bordier
Working with Martin and Martin has been an absolute pleasure. For the first time in 20 years, I have found legal counsel that not only cares deeply about their clients but also possesses a strong IT culture.
EXAPRO s.r.o., Thomas Bordier
Logo - Sim companies s.r.o., Patrik Beck
Collaboration with martins' is pleasant because they understand your product and therefore your needs. They point out risks but can choose solutions that are balanced in terms of legal precision and meaningfulness from a business perspective.
Sim companies s.r.o., Patrik Beck
Logo - VIDELLO LIMITED, Miroslav Dobeš
We addressed various topics with martins', such as the possibilities of using GPL components in our product or the preparation of licensing and business terms for desktop software. The collaboration was seamless, and we especially appreciate the simplicity of communication. There is no need to explain the basics of our business in detail; we can focus solely on specific details, which makes the entire process more enjoyable and faster.
Logo - StrategyQuant s.r.o., Maroš Frič
Collaborating with martins' was seamless, with fast communication and delivery of legal analysis and materials. I can definitely recommend them.
StrategyQuant s.r.o., Maroš Frič